Greenwood, Wisconsin Public Works Projects

                                                                                  Greenwood, Wisconsin Public Works Projects

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Project Description: The proposed project will consist of the reconstruction of Begley Street from the east end of the Black River Bridge to the east side of the school property. The construction work will include  pulverizing existing asphalt surface to a depth of 6”- 8”; stockpile and salvage pulverized asphalt base material; replace existing sanitary sewer main and services; replace existing storm sewer system; replace existing water main and services; replace existing water transmission main; excavate and dispose of earthwork to proposed subgrade; deliver and place base aggregate dense materials to reconstruct the road; replace existing curb and gutter and sidewalks; pave road surface with 4” of asphalt; site restoration; implementation of best management practices for erosion control.  All applicable Erosion Control Measures will be installed prior to construction activities and maintained throughout the project. West Begley Street from the Black River Bridge through the first cross street – Reese Avenue, will remain open at all times. Flagmen will be present when the street is reduced to one lane traffic. The remainder of the project will be closed to through traffic during construction; each residence within the project limits will have limited access each evening and on weekends.  Construction easements will be obtained along both sides of the right of ways.  The easements are necessary to blend the street into the existing lawns, sidewalks, driveways and to reconnect the sewer and water services at the property line.


Anticipated Construction Schedule: The following schedule is subject to adjustment:  

Commence Advertising                                   February 14, 2018 

Bid Opening                                                    March 2, 2018 

Notice of Award                                             March 7, 2018

Executed contracts returned to City               March 23, 2018 

Pre-Construction Conference                         May 4, 2018 

Notice to Proceed                                           May 4, 2018 

Begin Construction                                        May 14, 2018

Completion of Construction                           September 11, 2018

Final Inspection                                               September 11, 2018  

1-Year Warranty                                              September 11, 2018


Funding: The cost of construction will not be known until after bidding. The preliminary estimate is $2.7 million. The City will receive a $.5 million CDBG PF grant plus $.62 million WI DNR grant along with$.5 million reduction in interest payments. The annual loan repayment is estimated at $85,000 per year over 20 years.

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