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NEWS ALERT: The City of Greenwood has begun using a service provided by a company called CodeRed.  The service allows the City to contact residents by home phone, email, or cell phone.  

At times throughout the year, you may receive updates from the City regarding:

  • general information
  • street maintenance
  • police bulletins
  • any emergency notification

The City will always do its best to contact you during normal business hours unless it is an emergency.  In case of emergency, the City will determine if a call is warranted outside of business hours.


CodeRed allows the residents to choose what form of contact they desire.  For more information and to register with CodeRed click the links below.

CodeRed Brochure


To download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app click the link below.




 Questions can be directed to the City of Greenwood at 715-267-6205.



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